The World’s First Commercial Flying Car Will Hit the Market by 2019

The maximum take-off weight capacity is 910 Kgs, and cargo weight capacity is 20 kgs. The fuel capacity of this vehicle is 100 liters.The land speed of liberty is 160 km/h and maximum airspeed is 180 km/h.

Acceleration is also good and liberty can do 0-100 in 9 secs. It needs 330 meters of space for takeoff. The maximum operating altitude for the car is 3.5 kilometers. The range is 500 Kms when flying with endurance time of 4.5 hours.

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It has a dual engine design which is based on Gyroplane. Priced at USD 400000, the car needs a small airstrip to take off and land.Conversion from land mode to air mode takes about 5 to 10 minutes and requires adequate space.

All in all this car is surely an engineering marvel. It might also act as a benchmark for future travel needs of the masses.

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