The World’s First Commercial Flying Car Will Hit the Market by 2019

A Flying Car! Seriously! Yes, we are very serious about this one. Finally, very soon we might see a car that can actually fly. Engineering sure is evolving like anything. This vehicle will be the perfect example of what various streams of engineering can achieve in synergy.

This flying car is developed by a Dutch company called PAL V. This car will be featured in Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. The company is currently working on the legalities of the car to make it street and air legal.

flying Car

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By the looks of it, It looks more like a racing circuit car than something that can actually fly and score the skies. The narrow body and three-wheeled design of the car make it unique and appeal. The car will be more of a Helicopter than an Airplane which is apparently due to a rotor blade on its top.

flying Car

Yes, its named PAL V Liberty to be exact and for the record. The unique tricycle design makes it a breeze to manoeuvre on land, and we are sure it would be a great aircraft too.

flying Car

The car is powered by two Rotax engines when flying. It has already been cleared by USA and Europe for air and road safety regulation. When in the land mode the car is convenient enough to fit in a regular garage. It seats two and is very practical.

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