Wood can be made transparent, Is it possible? Who developed it? What are its Uses

The wood we all are aware of it well? Our windows, cupboard and furniture made by this. It is a natural and renewable substance. It looks brown normally, but do you ever see a transparent wood. Do you ever think wood does not have any colour?

Researchers at Stockholm’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology have developed a new transparent wood material. This can be used in making solar panels and window in the best and cheapest way said by the researchers. We use plastic and other polymer substances before to make solar power cells if it can be made by the renewable source of energy then we also do some things in an economic way.

What is Wood?

Wood is a tissue which has pores found on stem and roots of trees and plants.  Wood consists of cells, and the cell walls are consist of cellulose ,hemicellulose with lignin

In making the wood transparent main thing is lignin, so let us know what is Lignin. Lignin an amorphous polymer related to cellulose that provides rigidity and together with cellulose forms the woody cell walls of plants. 

How the wood make transparent?

As we study previously a wood has lignin which is present 15-30 per cent in a wood tissue. Researchers remove this lignin completely by chemicals. This makes wood optically transparent. He studied that when he removes this lignin the wood looks beautifully white. But its little opaque still to make it naturally transparent he also do some effects with nanoscale cutting. This white porous wood is soaked or saturated with a transparent polymer. This saturation matches the wood properties totally and makes the wood totally opaque as you see in the picture. We can see the white words printed on it. This clearly tells us the transparency of the wood.

Properties of this transparent wood

  • This is Cheaper in Cost than of polymers
  • Has Excellent mechanical properties
  • It has a low thermal conductivity that is this material does not conduct heat easily
  • high toughness
  • This wood has low density, density is the measure of mass to volume. This makes it lighter


  • It is very recommended to use in solar cells because it is low cost and also a renewable source of energy.
  • Can be used in windows.

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No one has previously considered the possibility of creating larger transparent structures for use as solar cells and in buildings. Researchers are still working on the way to get it more transparent to also use in other applications.


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