Why Do Wind Turbines Have Three Blades?

Have you heard about wind turbines? Most of you must have and probably seen one too. Whenever you get to drive by a farm, you get to see them. A wind turbine is a set up to harvest wind energy. It converts the wind’s kinetic energy into electric energy.The wind’s kinetic energy helps in the rotation of the blades of the turbine which ultimately rotates the rotor to which they are attached. The road is linked to a shaft which sets in motion a generator to produce electricity.

wind turbines

Wind turbines have been in existence for a longer time. Earlier they were used for pulverizing grains and pumping water, but, nowadays, there use is mostly limited to generating electric energy. Over the years, they have undergone a huge change. From being available in various shapes to down to the turbines with only three blades.

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Ever wondered why a wind turbine has only three blades?

There are various reasons behind its appearance. Let’s discuss them all one by one. Firstly, three blades make the whole component cost effective. If 4 blades are put instead of three blades, it will ultimately increase the cost of a wind turbine, thereby making it less cost-efficient. Moreover, putting four blades of size equal to that of a three blade wind turbine will make it heavier.

why can’t we use wind turbines with only 2 blades? –


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