Why Do We Use Cellular Phones Not Satellite Phones? Why is Satellite Phone Banned In Some Countries

Like cellular phones satellite phones also use SIM cards and offer many features  These include battery and signal strength displays, call forwarding, phone books, voicemail, and text messaging.  Handheld satellite phones are battery-operated and would usually provide about 4 hours of talk time and 36-40 hours of standby time.  Many satellite phones have additional features such as:

  • GSM compatibility enabling the phone to be used as a cellular phone.
  • GPS displays of longitude and latitude.
  • Solar panels for remote recharging of the battery.
  • Paging, data transmission and faxing capabilities.
  • Made for rugged environments with water, shock and dust resistance.

What is Cellular Phone?

The most common mobile phone used by the majority of people today is the cellular phone (smartphones). This phone is the most simple way of communication-based on the cell towers. A cell phone gives the signal to the Nearest Cell towers in our area. These Towers cover a certain area which makes a Cell tower Range area. It gives us the service of SMS, Internet, Calls, Email etc

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How cell phone works while making a call?

Cellular phone sent and receive signals by Land-Based Towers. When we make a call the phone send the signal to its nearest tower it will provide a particular bandwidth and time slot to that call. A cellular network consists of a range of towers, each having its own cells. If you move to a different area, Your cellular phone is transferred to the next tower. If there is a drop in the call then this is the reason for weak signals which cause due to not in the coverage of cellular tower.


Coverage Range of The Cellular and Satellite Phones-

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