Phones our medium of communication, now become a necessary part of our life. We are using phones from long but do you ever think if we have a satellite system to communicate then why we communicate with tower-based cellular phones. Why the whole world can’t communicate with a single satellite system. First of all, we must know how these both technology works while making a communication.

What is a Satellite Phone?

A satellite phone as indicated by its name totally relies on satellite. It is a mobile phone that connects to the satellite which is revolving in the earth’s orbit. It does not need big towers or line of sight communication. A single satellite can provide communication over the big area of the earth. It contains antenna at the top of the phone for taking a signal strength from satellite. A satellite phone can connect anywhere as long as it is covered by the satellite beam. Buildings, trees, and other things can obstruct the signal strength of satellite phones. It provides us the service of SMS, Internet, Calls same as the cellular phones.

How satellite makes a Phone Call?

Satellite phones communicate directly with the satellite which is present in the Earth orbit. We can even make a call from earth planet to Mars planet. This process done in 3 steps

  1. While making a call signals from the satellite phones, the signal transmitted directly to the satellite.
  2. The satellite sends this signal to the nearest land-based earth station.
  3. The Earth station transmits the signal to the receiving phone. The receiving phone can be a landline, cell phone or another satellite phone.


All satellite phones are considered as international calls. assigned a 9 digit international telephone number along with a 3 digit Country Code. Satellite phones look bigger than cellular phones with antennas designed to improve communication with the satellite. The physical design is almost the same as compared to cellular phones.

Satellite phone features-

Like cellular phones satellite phones also use SIM cards and offer many features  These include battery and signal strength displays, call forwarding, phone books, voicemail, and text messaging.  Handheld satellite phones are battery-operated and would usually provide about 4 hours of talk time and 36-40 hours of standby time.  Many satellite phones have additional features such as:

  • GSM compatibility enabling the phone to be used as a cellular phone.
  • GPS displays of longitude and latitude.
  • Solar panels for remote recharging of the battery.
  • Paging, data transmission and faxing capabilities.
  • Made for rugged environments with water, shock and dust resistance.

What is Cellular Phone?

The most common mobile phone used by the majority of people today is the cellular phone (smartphones). This phone is the most simple way of communication-based on the cell towers. A cell phone gives the signal to the Nearest Cell towers in our area. These Towers cover a certain area which makes a Cell tower Range area. It gives us the service of SMS, Internet, Calls, Email etc

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How cell phone works while making a call?

Cellular phone sent and receive signals by Land-Based Towers. When we make a call the phone send the signal to its nearest tower it will provide a particular bandwidth and time slot to that call. A cellular network consists of a range of towers, each having its own cells. If you move to a different area, Your cellular phone is transferred to the next tower. If there is a drop in the call then this is the reason for weak signals which cause due to not in the coverage of cellular tower.


Coverage Range of The Cellular and Satellite Phones-

 The mobile tower has a short-range area, for making a cellular connection on a large scale we need a large number of towers to cover cities which is very cost effective and requires time. The cellular towers impossible to place in the ocean or in very remote or mountainous regions, making your cellular phone worthless for communications when not close to a cell tower.
We can connect by Satellite Phones anywhere in the world without any towers. We can connect in the mountains ships, satellite phones are more useful than cellular phones to those who are traveling to isolated and remote areas. Any phone can communicate via satellite phone which covers the range of satellite Beam.

The question arises if Satellite Phones can do everything We need then why we rely on Cellular Phones

We should ask if satellite phones are too good then why we are not using these phone in our means of communication.

  1. Time delay:-The reason behind time delay is the distance of Geostationary satellites. These phones communicate with geostationary satellites, which are more than 30,000 km above Earth’s surface. Thus, there is a lag while talking to someone on the other end. So if you speak from here your voice will go after some time to the receiving phone.
  2. Call Cost: It cost thousands of dollars launching a satellite. These satellites are incredibly expensive to build, launch and sustain in orbit. Therefore, the limited bandwidth that they offer is obviously quite costly.
  3. Signal Strength: The satellite moves far away in the sky from the user’s phone. So there are lots of chances of poor signal strength in our house. Imagine for making a call, you will come us from your home and office to get a signal.
  4. Tracing issue: In terms of privacy, satellite phones lag behind. We cannot trace easily a call connects through the satellite.


However, satellite phones are more useful in emergency situations because they do not rely on land-based towers and networks to operate. Many emergency responders rely on satellite phones because they allow for communication even during power outages, which often shut down land-based communications.

Who uses satellite phones?

Nowadays the need for satellite phones increasing. The phones are used by the aviation, emergency services, government, maritime, military and adventure travel. These phones are highly demanded the emergency purpose. Companies are trying to reduce the call cost via satellite phones.

Why this phone banned in some countries?-

Tracking problem: In case it is being used for terrorism-related activities, it is extremely difficult for agencies to track the same in real time. So the government does not give authority to use satellite phone without permission

Getting Record: We cannot get the phone call record because it would depend entirely on the country’s satellite through which the phones have been linked.

Other issues are easily interference, no wires connectivity so we can not get the information if someone trying to break the security


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