What Happens To The Excess Skin When You Lose A Lot Of Weight? How TO Treat It

Young people tend to have more elastic skin than older people, so if your weight transformation occurs when you are young, e.g., under 30 years of age, your skin will be able to adapt to the weight loss and remain relatively taut. Older people who lose weight tend to develop excess skin flaps, which can create health problems, such as chafing, rashes and a greater chance of skin infections, especially in areas that are harder to reach comfortably as we age.

Weight Loss Speed

As mentioned earlier, the speed at which you lose weight has a significant impact on the presence of excess skin. While it can be appealing to shed dozens of pounds in just a few weeks, few people have skin that is that dynamic. Losing 1-2 pounds per week is the recommended threshold for healthy weight loss, and this rate should also give your time ample time to adjust to the lower volume of fat.


Most weight loss regimens involve some amount of physical exercise, in combination with alterations to your diet. This is very important if you want to lose weight without leaving excess skin behind. By increasing the muscle tissue beneath the skin, it can help to keep the skin toned and tight, rather than loose and flappy. Increasing muscle mass will keep those areas of the body “plump” with muscle, and provide volume for that skin to enclose.

Areas of the Body

Some areas of the body tend to have tighter skin than others. The abdomen, buttocks and upper arms are some of the most difficult parts of the body to prevent excess skin, whereas the legs, chest and back are more receptive to exercises that can tighten up the skin; these areas are also less prone to large fat deposits.

Length of Obesity-

If you have a challenging year or two and put on 30-40 pounds, but then lose it relatively soon, your body will be more able to snap back into its original shape. However, if you have been struggling with obesity for a decade or more, and then lose a drastic amount of weight, your skin will not have the same elasticity. It will take far more time and effort for your skin to snap back into place.

Methods to Treat Excess Skin-

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