What Happens To The Excess Skin When You Lose A Lot Of Weight? How TO Treat It

If you have ever struggled to maintain an ideal weight, you understand the frustrating see-saw of weight loss and weight gain. It is an incredible accomplishment for people to lose a large amount of weight—and keep it off—particularly in today’s high-stress world where free time for exercise is scarce and delicious temptations are everywhere.

loose skin

Despite what an improvement to your health losing weight can be, considering that obesity is closely associated with chronic diseases lie diabetes, heart disease and stroke, dropping a significant amount of weight can also have a negative side effect—excess skin. When someone who weighs 300 pounds loses 100 pounds in a matter of months, there will be a lot of extra skin left over, which can hang loose and present a new body image problem. Not everyone who loses weight experiences this type of loose skin after slimming down, and there are a number of factors that can affect this condition, as well as various methods that can help to correct it.

Before we get into potential solutions, let’s take a closer look at what causes this in the first place.

Excess Skin Following Weight Loss

Our skin is a dynamic organ that changes in countless ways over the course of our life. The skin is also quite remarkable in terms of its flexibility and elasticity. When we gain weight, the fat cell deposits build up under the skin, and the skin expands outward accordingly in areas like the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, arms, chest and neck. As a rudimentary metaphor, you can imagine the body’s skin as a balloon that can be filled/blown up due to weight gain.

loose skin

However, when that weight is subsequently lost, particularly rapidly, the skin doesn’t always snap back into its tight, initial place. Some of the major factors affecting this include your age, the speed at which you lose weight, your workout habits, the area where your weight was stored, and the length of time you were obese.


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