How Are Welding Electrodes Made?

After the collection of welding electrodes in the tray, they are fed in the oven for baking. The baking period varies with the size of the electrode and this is basically done to reduce moisture content. It is advisable that the moisture content should not exceed 4 percent for the proper functioning of the welding electrode.

Grading and Packing

When the baking cycle is over the grading of the welding electrode is done by printing the type of electrode on its body. Then, at last, the finished welding electrodes are stored and packed in the specific cartoon.

Welding Electrode Classification-

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Welding electrodes come in variable sizes and applications. They are judged by the grading done on its body. For example, the most commonly used electrodes are E6010 and E7018. Here E stands for Electrode and 60, 70 specify the tensile strength of the rod. The last two digits help in specifying the type of coating, current and welding positions like overhead, vertical, horizontal and flat.

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