How waves are formed in the ocean?

Plunging Wave: They are also called destructive waves. These are high waves of a short wavelength having a vertical ellipse. They have a very powerful backlash and these waves pull things back into the ocean from the beach.

Inshore Wave: The length of these waves is less when compared to the depth of the water they enter therefore their velocity is pretty less. This also implies that their height is more, which eventually leads to breakage. These waves have a very powerful backlash and drain the entire beach.


Kelvin Wave: These are formed when there is no wind. These are generally found in the Pacific ocean. They are high and wide and generally warmer than the surrounding water.

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Internal Wave: These are formed as a result of two water bodies interacting with each other inside the ocean. They are very powerful and become turbulent when they hit a landmass.

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