How waves are formed in the ocean?

By the paragraph above, we know how waves are formed in the ocean. However, it would be advantageous to know that there are many types of waves and they are categorized on the basis of their formation and behavior. Below is the list of them :

Breaking Wave: An ocean wave is said to be a breaking wave when it collapses on the top of itself. They are further of two types.

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  • Plunging Breaker Wave: This type of wave reaches a steeper beach and curls. Their motion is quite fast.
  • Spilling Breaker Wave: This type of wave reaches a sloping beach hence dispersing its energy over a large surface area.

Source: Wikipedia

Deep Water Wave or Swell Wave: Deep Water wave a.k.a swell wave is made when numerous waves of different lengths merge into one wave. These are long, strong and travel over large distances.

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