Venom vs Poison: What’s The Difference Between ‘Venomous’ And ‘Poisonous’?

Venom and Poison, Although both the words are generally used as a synonym, there exists a stark difference between the two. Venom and Poison are both toxins with the same ultimate motive. They are both designed to kill its victim. Both at times may be offensive and at times defensive.

Venom Vs Poison The eternal Battle!

For the sake of simplicity, We are talking here in the context of the animal kingdom. We will not be considering the human-made poisons here. So lets cut the chase and get to the point.

Let’s see it like this.

  • If you bite another creature and end up dead, then poison was at play.
  • If you get bitten by a creature and end up dead then venom was at play.

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This the major difference between the two toxins. Venom is injected into the prey and poison is ingested by the prey.


Poison Vs Venom

Let us keep this in mind that both venom and poison are meant for survival. A venomous creature has to hunt for survival. A non-venomous creature has to use poison to avoid being eaten or bitten.

Nature is the perfect engineer and the perfect designer. In order to sustain the biological balance, the food chain must exist. This is the game of food chain altogether. The smaller the creature the smarter it is made by nature.

Consider the fact that none of the larger animals in ecological cycle contain toxins. It is the little ones who are armed with the lethal chemicals.

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