Will Using a Cell Phone At a Gas pump Make It Explode?

A natural and curious question again!Will using a cell phone at a gas pump make it explode? Whenever we go to a gas station or a petrol pump, There is always someone telling us to mind our cell phones.

As you enter a petrol pump or a gas station you are greeted with those yellow stickers having a cell phone caution sign. Gas pumps everywhere urge you to keep your cell phones away while getting your vehicle refuelled.

Cell phone

You must be thinking if there are so much hype and warning about cell phone usage at a gas station, there must have been some major disasters with cell phone torching the entire stations.Well, let us ask you this! How many gas stations you think would have been destroyed because of cell phone usage? Well lo and behold, the answer will leave you shell-shocked.

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The answer is NONE, ZERO, NADA, not even one petrol pump or gas station to date has been destroyed due to a cell phone.

Then whats the hype about!
Why so many warnings and negative vibes?

Well, the answer to that questions lies a little bit in science and a little bit in preventive measures.

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