UK Wind Farms Outperform Nuclear Plants For The First Time Ever

For the first time ever in the world, UK wind farms have actually outperformed the nuclear power plants in producing electricity. Seems untrue but it is true. The Imperial College London has announced that for the first time ever and anywhere else in the world, wind power has been able to produce more electricity in Britain than nuclear for the period of January to March 2018.

UK wind farms

According to the latest Electric Insights analysis, it was found that 18.8% of the UK’s wind power over the first quarter of 2018 had come from UK wind farms, and that’s quite impressive we must say. Imagine the entire country being powered by wind energy even in the dead of winters. Now, that’s the beauty of wind power produced by UK wind farms.

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Wind blows throughout the year with almost same vigor, so it is anyways more efficient source of power generation than solar panels which only work on prime efficiency when there are clear skies with a Bright sun.

Now a curious question arises in our minds. Why the UK was able to pull this off when there are other countries in the world who have a fair deal of area under wind farm coverage. You see the UK owing to its geographic features happens to be one of the best locations for running a wind farm. Plus they cashed in on the opportunity in a very efficient way. It is a known fact that the UK produced close to 18.5% of their electricity in the last quarter of 2017 through UK wind farms.

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