Types Of Bricks Explained

Have you ever wondered why a particular type of brick is used in the construction of your house? Why do engineers use various types of bricks for the construction of different infrastructures? If yes, then hereby you will be introduced to the types of bricks that are used for different purposes.

What is a brick?

It is a basic building material used in the construction of buildings, dams, bridges, monuments, etc. Bricks are produced in different sizes, materials, classes, and types. Fired/burnt bricks and non-fired/unburnt bricks are the two basic categories of bricks.


The Unburnt Bricks:

These are the sun-dried bricks as they utilize the sun’s heat to get dried after the molding process. These bricks possess less strength in comparison to the burnt bricks. Therefore, these are used in the places that require cheap and temporary structures. The use of these bricks is avoided for the structures exposed to heavy rains.

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The Burnt bricks:

Burnt bricks are produced by burning the brick molds in the kiln. These are the most common type of bricks and are used for the various construction purposes. These comprise of four different types, entirely based on their quality, strength, manufacturing processes and also the region where they will be used.

Types of bricks used for the construction are:

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