Transformer Fire Protection System – Causes, Types & Requirements

Provision of construction of firewalls should we say that firewalls between two adjacent transformers must be constructed. It creates a great protective barrier in case a disastrous fire occurs in the transformer.

The manpower should be trained to handle the fire suppression systems properly. This becomes crucial in case of emergencies and a lot of life and property can be saved by it.

Lastly, the area where the transformer is installed should have very limited access. This will automatically reduce the chances of fatalities in case of emergency.

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The latest fire protection trend for transformers is the construction of bund walls. These bund walls contain the area of oil spillage and are filled with yard stones. We all know in event of transformer fire the oil would get heated. Hence the yard stone also acts as the cooling agent for the transformer oil.

The large area of bund will also help in containing the oil hence preventing the chances of excessive spillage. Therefore protecting the entire setup in one way. However, this type of containment area design would require regular monitoring and inspection for water. Having water in this zone can be really disastrous for the entire operation.

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