Transformer Fire Protection System – Causes, Types & Requirements

If we are going to install a large capacity transformer with a huge capacity of mineral oil then the surrounding area and equipment have to be made secure by adopting certain measures. These transformers will require a dedicated active fire suppression system to be installed.

Transformer Fire

Fire Protection System

As a precaution, if we already know that the facility has some fire hazard equipment or systems which are prone to catching fire, then it would be wise to place the transformer away from such area. So that in case of fire the nearby equipment is safe.

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It becomes really essential to monitor and maintain the existing fire suppression and control measures of the facility when a heavy-duty transformer is installed in the vicinity. Chances are that in case the transformer catches fire the adjoining area will be affected by the fire too.

A proper maintenance schedule for the transformers should be in place. They should be checked regularly for oil levels and other similar parameters non-adherence to which can potentially result in the fire.

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