Transformer Fire Protection System – Causes, Types & Requirements

Transformer fire is a fearsome thing to experience and witness. Transformers are of many sizes and are found at power stations, electricity grid distribution centers and near our homes. Nevertheless, they pose a serious and grave situation when they catch fire. According to the firefighting professionals, handling such cases is one of the toughest scenarios that they can handle.

Causes of Fire in Transformers
transformer fire, fire protection system

Major causes of fire in the transformer are Excessive heating, severe Short Circuits, Faulty coils and Oil leakage. So if any of the following factors are at play then chances of a transformer catching fire become big.

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Transformer Fire Protection System-

There is no single fix it all solution for transformer fire protection. The reason being that transformers have highly customizable utility and their preventive security measures will largely depend upon the vicinity and nature of the area where they are deployed.

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