What Is Torque Converter? How does it work?

For those who run geared vehicles know the importance and the working of the clutch. It helps in engagement or disengagement of the gears and allows you with smooth synchronization of the gears. But how this is applicable in the automatic vehicles where there are no gears? Well, here the synchronization is done by the Torque Converter. This device performs the same functionality as the clutch in the manual vehicles. It allows the engine to keep running even when you stop the wheels.torque converter

The impeller receives the mechanical energy from the engine. Due to this, it rotates and fluid present inside it is thrown out and reaches the turbine. During the initial phase the turbine rotates at a slower speed compared to the impeller, and it gradually attains speed with the increase in throttle.

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A stator is present between the turbine and impeller to multiply the torque. A clutch assembly is present between the impeller and engine to cut off the transmission.Torque converters are sealed units; their innards rarely see the light of day, and when they do, they’re still pretty hard to figure out!

Imagine you have two fans facing each other. Turn one fan on, and it will blow air over the blades of the second fan, causing it to spin. But if you hold the second fan still, the first fan will keep right on spinning.

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