This parachute drone can Locate a specific place,dig the hole and fly away researched by University of Nebraska

Forget pills and pizza. These drones are landing, drilling holes, and taking off again

Picture Credit: Tech xplore

What is this drone?

This digging drone has researched by University of Nebraska—Lincoln (UNL). It is an assembling of 2 drones and a parachute. This drone keep a  useful distance to locate the spot that is diggable or notspot that is diggable, landing, then verifying that the spot really is diggable. Then it will dig the hole very smoothly with no human efforts put the sensor and fly off.

 But why we need this Digging drone?

Human can’t sense the perfect place where they should dig to accomplish their particular task. We even does not know about the whole can be dug. With this done we can dig a hole, burrowing into dirt, sand, or clay, as it is equipped with a drill. Once it is finished it lifts and flies away. This drone is made to sense the particular area where  human can’t capable to take a control.

How does it work?

The system starts on a plane or helicopter, which ejects the entire thing inside of a cylindrical canister. The canister falls for a while, then slows down with a parachute. Once it’s close enough to the ground it pops out, lands and drills a massive hole with a screw drill and leaves the heavy parts to fly home.

Challenges faced while making and using this drone

We all know the versatality of drones, but the challenge of keeping the drone up in the air long enough to succeed on its mission’s tasks? Its not only the batteries which are the part of the concern, but also the Drilling machines that are quite heavy to lift up and requires energy. Flying and digging will consume the majority of that energy. So how it will complete its tasks

 For solving this problem the NIMBUS Lab came up with a Helicopter and a Parachute and one of the most effective drone capability. This is made to save the energy which is needed in the return journey of the drone.

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Where this drone is used or what are its applications?

It is widely used in the military applications where we need to dig the sensors into the ground both to secure the sensors so they don’t get washed away.

To sense the area for mining.

To place sensors such as soil moisture sensors that need good contact below the surface.

to place sensors n sensitive wetlands environments, which are often hard to access in other ways without impacting the environment.



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