mechanical engineers

Mechanical engineers – most productive people on the planet! whoever says otherwise, punch them right on the face.

There are few facts about pursuing mechanical engineering that you must know if you are in the field or going to enter. These are going to give you a reality check. mECHANICAL ENGINEERS

1-Should know and master at least one of each CAD, CAM and CAE tools.(These days Matlab is also useful)
2-Enhance your visualization skills. MECHANICAL ENGINEERS
3-Basis in programming and electronic circuits.

4-Try to compute simple maths in your head, do not use calculators for it!
5-Try to understand and name the random cars or bikes you see in every day life. Like CRDI, TDI, dtsi etc.


6-Read and understand latest innovation and technologies in field like automotive, aviation, production.
7-Improve practical knowledge in Robotics.
8-Theoretical knowledge is as important as practical. So next time when someone say it it not, don’t listen just study hard and get decent marks.


Never just simply join IT field because you have to, only join if you have no other options or you still haven’t decided yet.

Whatever you do it impossible to achieve 100% (not even 70%) completion or result from projects.
Start learning, gain knowledge and improve efficiency.

1-Your bike mechanic knows more than you

2-No matter what your neighbors say, the branch is not “evergreen”

3-Parents will still expect you to repair gadgets at home or else you are useless

4-Engineering drawing is a nightmare for some students

5-Consider yourself lucky if there are more than two girls in class

6-Don’t be proud of your strength. A few girls will outdo you in workshop and labs. The rest will smile at technicians and get their job done.

That the longer you wait to fix a mistake the more expensive it gets.

Fix a mistake in your head, and it’s cheap.

Fix it on a drawing, and it’s more expensive.

Fix it in a prototype, and it’s more expensive still.

Fix it in a production part, and it’s way more expensive than that.

Fix it once it’s shipped…

The longer you wait, the worse it gets. Create a process that finds & fixes problems as early, and as cheaply as possible. And that thing you hope won’t be a problem, so you’re putting it off? Yeah – that’s the thing. Just fix it now. Doesn’t matter what state you’re in. Waiting will only make it worse.

1. You have to wear a uniform 3 days a week for the next 4 years.  So spend wisely on clothes.

2. Your prayers to have at least five girls in your department won’t be answered. There will be just two. Better save those prayers for grades.

3. No one from other department will ever mess with you. Hence be respectful to others and don’t ever be a douche to anyone.

4. If mild ragging is still being practised in your college, you won’t have to worry about it. Your department seniors will protect you from every other senior. Remember to show the same courtesy to your juniors.

5. Your workshop will have outdated equipments which can ruin your practicals. So make friends with the technicians from day zero.

6. You will fall for a girl from a different department. There will be 5 more sailing in the same boat with you. One of them will be your close friend. Before you reach the shore you will realise what’s more important to you. Just hang in there until the very end.

7. Your classmates will never let you feel alone. Every interest of yours will be shared by at least one guy in your class and you will end up making a lot of great friends. Value that friendship throughout your life.

8. Your Dean will look at your department just the way the world looks at China. With fear and suspicion.

9. Most of the professors in your department will be really cool ones, except the one who will be a total psycho. No matter what you do he will fail you. So don’t even try licking him.
10. You don’t have to be good in drawing to clear Engineering Drawing. You are not going to draw sketches/ portraits.
11. More than once you will fantasize about sleeping with, under, inside and on top of some cars. Don’t worry. It’s normal. There is no problem with your sexual orientation. 😛

12. At the end of 3rd year, IT firms will show a great interest to hire you. Stay away from them! You don’t belong there and there are others who are more deserving for that job than you.

13.  If you follow the above advice, you will invariably end up loving your job.

14. At times you might whine that your job doesn’t have much to do with what you studied. Remember, that is the case for every other discipline. The important thing is you could have never got that job if you had studied anything other than mechanical engineering. So don’t question that decision and just be happy that you love your job which is not common these days!


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