Technology that creates Poetry by your thoughts

Poetry is a very beautiful language to translate our thoughts into rhyming and beautiful manner. All humans want to do poetry in a considered manner but failed to do so. If you all know that now we have a device that translates your brainwaves in poetry form, do you believe that ?… Yes it is possible

Eran Hadas who himself is a poetry lover and a software developer made our imagination into reality by developing this device. His project name is ‘MIND YOUR POEM’ that translate brainwave readings into beautiful lines of a poem.

Now let us know what is it and how it works?

Hadas explains that the headset presents an EG exam that measures the brain waves. This computer software device will then generate lines of poetry in accordance with the outcome. This works on a mechanism of neural feedback. This computer software device performs in three different ways

  • First, if the person concentrates enough, a rhymic line about urban life is created.
  • If the person is meditating then the waves translate in rhymic lines of nature.
  • and in the case of mental fear, stress, anger, a zen-like line will be created. So a person different kind of mental states creates an effect on the poetry.

Hadas said if we think of creating poetry by computers then the poetry sounds artificial with no feelings and emotions. That poetry will only be a rule-based algorithm. Nowadays Poetry is losing its human touch. He said that we are considering ourselves as a computer. It does not mean that we don’t have soul or emotions but we are only on the way to know how our brain works. The technology only does those things which we are not able to do said by him, So he created this project.

He makes a fair argument in favour of codes and poetry. “I think it’s a layer of language and literacy and for me writing code and traditional poem come from the same ancient feeling. It’s the way we communicate think and feel. It’s a layer that allows us to get a sense of controlling language and creation. At the back all of this is codes. It’s having control of letters!”

This will be soon come in the market said by Hadas. It is an incredible technology made by him where he used the technology in another aspect which shares love emotions in a very good manner. It is a very lightweight and simple software computer device that is easy to use.

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