Switch & Types Of Switch

In the language of engineers, A switch is a device which is used to break or make a circuit. We all have seen switches, Today we will be exploring more about them. Especially we will be studying the types of switches that are there. Hope you gain some insights into it through our article.

Types of switches:
Switches are generally classified on the basis of the pole and throw variations between contacts.

SPST type (Single pole single throw):
SwitchThese type of switches are the simple on-off switches which we see and use every day. In this case, the two terminals are either in the connected state or in the disconnected state.

SPST-NO, Form A (Single Pole, Single Throw, Normally Open):
This is our common push button, the one we generally see in case of call bells. In this case, the terminals are in the disconnected state by default and become closed when the button is pushed.

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SPST-NC, Form B (Single Pole, Single Throw, Normally Closed):
In this case, the circuit is normally closed and comes in open condition when the button is pressed.

SPDT, Form C (Single Pole, Double Throw):

This is a simple break before make switch. This switch has 3 terminals and is a two-way switch.

SPCO (Single Pole Change Over switch:
It is also the same as SPDT, however, it is more reliable.

DPST: (Double Pole Single ThrowSwitch):

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