Stress And Strain Explained With Types

1) Normal Stress:

Stress produced by loads acting normal to the cross-sectional area of the body.

A. Axial Stress:

When Direction of the load is along the axis of the member i.e. normal to the cross-section of the member where it is applied it is known as Axial Stress.

B. Bearing Stress:

stress strain

Compressive Stress arising when one body is supported by another body is known as bearing stress.

C. Bending Stress:

stress strain

Stresses that produces a net Bending Moment parallel to the cross-section of the body.

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2) Shearing Stress:

Stress produced when the loads are applied along the surface plane of the body.

Following are the 2 types of Shearing Stress.

A. Direct Shear Stress:

Shear Stress caused by the direct action of the forces in trying to cut through the material.

B. Indirect Shear Stress:

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