Sensors to measure stress and mood by your smell took center stage at Tokyo Tech fair

Let’s talk about new technology-based sensors that work on our stress level introduced at Tokyo Fair.

We all know about Sensors and how it plays a vital role in our devices. There are many types of sensors that have been introduced in the market for a long, but the stress sensor have you heard about it?

Sensors that can measure stress levels, mood, posture, and even smell took center stage at Asia’s top high-tech fair in Tokyo. Panasonic displayed a first or introductory form of a device of an Armchair that evaluates the intensity of stress by user’s hand’s sweat along with the seating posture and facial expressions via a camera.

Let’s talk about the project based on this sensor introduced in the market and How it will be useful for us.

By using these kinds of sensors, we could modify the ambiance of the office by giving authority to the employees to relax if necessary. It works with a small device manufactured by Maruta that should be held for a minute between our thumb and forefinger to our assess pulse rates and the nervous system.

Takashi Hayashida said that we will get a great market deal in Transport and taxi companies, So we are going to start selling this armchair very soon to the companies.

This kind of sensors is also very useful in the field of play and games with a 3D analytical system based on sensors to boost the performance of gymnasts by keeping an eye on their stress levels.

Housing equipment firm Lixil has also developed a sensor for the bathtub that measures water temperature in the bathtub and also keeps an eye on body temperature and pulse rate to lessen the cases of sudden bath deaths, which afflict more than 5,000 people every year in the country in maximum cases are above the age of 65.


Recently Cosmetics giant Shiseido study about how a person smells when he is facing a certain level of stress. After studying a lot of people he demonstrates that the odor given off by a person under stress smells like… onions.

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