Scrapino- A Robot with waste Electronic Scraps

Have you heard about Robot made up of electronic scrap?

Now, what is E-scrap, old electronic devices that contain large household appliances such as refrigerators, air-conditioning systems, phones, computers, Television, and other consumer electronics.

At present we have lots of E-scrap because of day by day invention of new electronic items.  Thanks to the TU Wien and his team for thinking about using this scrap. To reuse e-scrap can have many advantages for the environment and also potentially reducing manufacturing costs.

A robot assembles from e-scrap that uses renewable energy to function…..

TU Wien carried out this possibility and have developed a robot from E-scrap named as Self Sustainable robot  (SSR). He said Potentially, electronic waste can be used in integration with renewable energy sources to build self-sustainable robots (SSR)

This Scarpino Robot can move around its surrounding environment, searching for the best spots in which to collect energy.  It can complete a number of tasks like welcome students around the university and also providing useful information after charging its battery to only over 50 percent.

SSR is made up of?

  • DC motors to give the robot basic mobility skills
  • Ultrasonic sensors  that can identify obstacles in its surroundings around it
  • LDR sensors that can detect light
  • New and old technology basic components recycled from electronic devices such as printers, robots, computers, and toys.

Scrapino or Self-sustainable robot made up of e-scrap can detect obstacles and avoid them using sonar sensors. Another advantage of this robot is that it can charge its batteries with a solar panel which is an ultimate source of energy.

How it works 

Scarpino works in two major steps. First, it moves around its surrounding environment looking the best spots where solar energy source at its best so that it can charge its battery using photovoltaic panels (PV). Once the battery charge at least 50 percent, the Scrapino can do the tasks it was engineered to handle, which includes saying hello to students handing out flyers and giving a different kind of information about ongoing conferences, workshops, lessons, etc.

The main motive of researching this robot is to let us know a robot can be made up of waste materials without requiring high electricity consumption. Their project has a greater concern about the environment through the recycling of electronic waste, as well as the use of renewable energy.

The reuse of E-scrap and combining old and new technologies together set an example of how we can start from individual levels to participate and develop a new strategy for making a solution for e-scrap. He gives us a very Great message on Save environment thanks to him.

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