Soft and Harmless sensor developed for diagnose Children at Harvard University

Today, Technology takes an advancement in every field. We know during delivery of a baby there are many things to take in concern. Premature delivery is complicated for the baby and for the doctors too. After many precautions and care, children develop neuromotor (which is related to nerves)and cognitive developmental disabilities. To avoid these disabilities doctors have to catch them early through many tests. But it’s tricky because the children are very small to take on that bulky machines.

Researchers at Harvard University have developed a soft, harmless and wearable sensor that attaches to the hand and measures the force of a grasp and the motion of the hand and fingers.

A safe, wearable soft sensor

How does it work?

This sensor is made up of soft silicon-rubber. This soft sensor sits one on the top and one on the tip on the first finger which is used to detect the movement that is strain and force on the finger during performing different activities. The sensing liquid moves as the statics comes

Sensing Solution is made up of?

The sensing solution is made from potassium iodide, which is a common dietary supplement, and glycerol, which is a common food supplement. After a short mixing period, the glycerol breaks the structure of potassium iodide and forms potassium cations (K+) and iodide ions (I-), making the liquid conductive. The liquid is both stables across a range of temperatures and humidity because glycerol has a lower evaporation rate than water. This sensing system now gives the data within 20 minutes.

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Researchers said previously we use soft sensors which is made by using sodium chloride-glycerol solutions. Because these solutions have low conductivities, which makes the sensor data very noisy,

The children who born prematurely or early from the desired time have often developed early developmental disorders. They have very sensitive skin, this device gives accurate information while getting around the sensitively of the child’s hand.


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