Smartwatch,Do you know secret features of Smartwatch? How it Works? What are the components inside it?

Smartwatch, We all are preferring smartwatches nowadays in prefer to analog or digital watches. Due to its many Smart features, it was the most popular item in the wearable category. Do you Imagine a very small computer that you can wear on your wrist?

What is a smartwatch?

It is a like a mini computer and mini smartphone because it has both the features of computer and smartphone within a single watch. It can perform the smart task just like a computer. It has a touchscreen display for the interface. We can install applications, games, videos via internet access in it.

What are the internal hardware devices in Smartwatch?

  • Electronic Visual Display: Touchscreen or Display of smartphone made by LCD or OLED. LCD is a light crystal display which is works on the principle of light blocking rather than emitting. Before that we use LED, Now it takes preference on led because it is much thinner, consume less power.and based on the light blocking property rather than emitting. OLED is an organic light emitting diode which is made up of organic compounds and can light up when electricity is given.
  • Electronic paper: An electronic paper looks like a paper, used for display light. On it, we can write millions of time electronically. This is used nowadays for a better angle of vision and smooth texture. It also consumes less power.
  • Lithium-Ion battery: A battery is used in every electronic device to give it energy for functioning well. Smartwatches use Lithium-Ion battery because it can be recharged with low maintenance properties. Its energy level is also greater than conventional Nickel batteries.
  • Featured Devices: Smartwatches give features like smartphones that’s why it is packed with Cameras for taking pictures, pedometers for calculating your footsteps, Heart rate monitors which monitors your heartbeat, Thermometers. It has GPS receivers to give you directions, Speakers for playing music, SD card just like your smartphones.
  • Microprocessor chip: To work like computers

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How does it work?

Smartwatch works like a computer. because it can do calculations and can collect information from external peripherals. Wifi in it gives it authority to download different apps and store data in SD card. It has a microprocessor chip and, various devices mounted on it that makes it work on various tasks. The watch can communicate with various devices and computers by Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS.

We have a battery, Microprocessor chip with Bluetooth mounted here.

This is OLED Display attached with a button for giving input.

These are the connected devices with SD card for the storage.

We are growing with the technology where we are getting an advancement in making devices small and light. This smartwatch is an example of making a little and smart computer. A smartwatch functions not only as a timekeeper but also allows users to view calendar appointments, make and receive calls; even view e-mail, Similar to a personal digital assistant


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