Rocket engine basics and working

Rocket Engine

Most of us may not know that Indians have a great contribution in creating Rockets. Yes, and it’s true, in the year 1792 the ruler to the Mysore Empire Tipu Sultan developed the first iron case rockets. They were used in Anglo-Mysore war against the East India Company. Now Rocket engine is used in the exploration of the space.

Principle of operation in Rocket Engines

Rockets work on Newton’s principle action to reaction. The fuel is burnt at the base of the rocket engine providing thrust which allows moving in an upward direction. The rocket engine is not like other conventional engines, which uses rotational energy to rotate the vehicles.

Rocket engines are basically reaction engines. It throws mass in one direction and benefiting from the reaction the rocket moves in the upward direction. It basically uses rocket propellant mass for forming a high-speed jet. they don’t need external material to form jet and perform well in vacuum or space.

The ideal exhaust of the Rocket is hydrogen and is more efficient at higher velocities. They do not require any atmosphere and well suit at higher altitudes or space. Here the working fluid is the hot rocket exhaust which flies the rocket to higher altitudes.

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