What are retaining walls? Purposes of using retaining walls?

As the name suggests, a retaining wall is a structure that holds solid behind it. There are various materials that are used to create a retaining wall. The materials are further discussed below.

Wood is used to make a retaining wall with a short lifespan. However, it can be a wrong choice to save the integrity of your usable space with wood, because it decomposes faster.

retaining walls

Stones and rocks can be also used to make a retaining wall, but its installation is difficult and expensive. Moreover, its maintenance is quite difficult as they get easily eroded or become home to weeds and rodents.

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Cast in place is another form of retaining wall that can be made using a variety of materials like bricks, flagstones, veneers, etc. In the addition, these materials add more textures and styles to the wall and even then, these structures do not flex with the changing climate, earthquakes and other natural hazards.

Purpose Of building Retaining walls-

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