How do QR-codes Differ From Bar-codes?

However, barcodes and QR codes serve a similar purpose, there are a few differences between them.

How they look

The first thing that separates both the codes is their appearance and design. QR codes have a size in which the information is represented in both horizontal and vertical direction. On the other hand, the barcode has information in strips of vertical lines aligned in the horizontal direction.

Capacity to hold the information

The two-dimensional design of a QR code holds hundred times more information than a barcode. Therefore, it can be used in places where additional information needs to be given about a product.

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Customisation and Error Correction

This section is the most desirable advantage of QR codes over barcodes. In QR codes the error margin is between 7% and 30%. This means that even if the packaging of the product gets damaged, the QR code will still work. This facility is smartly exploited by companies and businesses.

Barcodes have been in use for more than a decade now and QR codes have been caught in trend since the onset of the last decade. This is especially due to the boost in absorbency of smartphones in consumers. And the popularity of using QR code shows that it will be used for a long time till a new coding system is generated to replace it.

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