How do QR-codes Differ From Bar-codes?

Whenever you visit a grocery store, at the billing counter the salesman flashes their handheld device at a specific code on the packaging of a product, and then a beep sound is heard, confirming the entry of the product in the billing system. This process is performed for every product that you buy.


So, what are they basically doing with that device?
What does that particular spot on the product means?

That device used by the salesman is called barcode or QR-code scanner and the spot on your product contains a barcode or a QR code. Let’s get informed about a barcode and QR code in order to understand their use.



A barcode is the visual representation of the information of a product that is readable by a machine. It is printed on the packaging of products in the form of black parallel lines of different widths. These lines contain important information like manufacturers name, type of product, its price and many more things. A barcode stores data in the horizontal direction, hence it is also called linear or one-dimensional dataset.

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QR Code:

A Quick Response code is another type of barcode that is often abbreviated as the QR code. But unlike a barcode, it has a two-dimensional form; it carries information in both vertical and horizontal directions.


A QR code contains a lot of information that ranges from giant corporate organization to any grocery store. Anyone can create their own QR code and print it on their products.

How is a QR code different from a barcode?

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