In the hydraulic power steering system, the input force is converted to the required hydraulic force for turning the front wheels. The hydraulic force is generated by the help of the hydraulic lines, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic fluid, etc.

  • When the driver applies the force to steer the front wheels of the vehicle, the hydraulic pump releases the hydraulic fluid through the lines of the system.
  • The hydraulic pressure is then applied to the hydraulic piston and the piston starts moving in the transverse direction from a region of higher pressure to the lower pressure.
  • As this, the piston is attached to the wheels, the wheels start moving due to the coupling mechanism.
    power steering

Working of the Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering or Hybrid System:

In case of this hybrid system, all the working is the same as that of the hydraulic power steering system except that here instead of the hydraulic pump, an electric pump is used.

Electric Power Steering System:

In case of the electric types of power steering, electric motor, electronic sensors, tank, etc. are used in order to turn the front wheels of the vehicles. When the driver applies the force to turn the vehicle, the electronic sensors detect this force. Then, a signal is transmitted to an electric motor. So, as the driver rotates the steering, the motor starts working. The motor delivers torque to the pinion arrangement which ultimately turns the front wheels.
power steering

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