Positive Displacement Pump- its definition, types and working

Whenever we hear the word “pump”, we often imagine a device transmitting water or any other liquid from a source to the target place. Positive displacement pump is also a similar device that transmits water from one place to another.

A positive displacement pump has an expanding cavity on the suction side and an enclosing cavity on the discharging side. In the pump, the mechanical devices which displace the liquid are such as a plunger, pistons, gears, cams, etc. These devices create a vacuum. In every cycle of operation, the volume of the liquid being pumped remains constant. The pump provides an approximately constant volume of liquid at a fixed speed, despite changes in the counter pressure or head.

positive displacement pump

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Types of Positive Displacement Pump

  1. Rotary Pumps
  2. Reciprocating Pumps

Rotary Pumps-

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