PN Junction Diode Construction Working And Uses

It is used in clipping circuits as wave shaping circuits in computers, radios, radars etc.
• It is used as switches in digital logic designs.
• It is used in detector and demodulator circuits.
• It is used in clamping circuits in TV receivers as well as voltage multipliers.
• It is used as rectifiers in DC power supply manufacturing.

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The device having same P-N material but different doping concentrations is known as homojunction. This will have many applications as mentioned below.
• Used as zener diode in peak clippers, voltage regulators and for switching.
• Used as varactor diode for tuning applications in TV and radio receivers.
• Used as PIN photodiode in an optical communication system.
• Used as tunnel diode as an oscillator at microwave frequencies.
• Used as Laser diodes for optical communication.
• Used as LEDs in various display panels.

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