PN Junction Diode Construction Working And Uses

PN Junction diode is a device made of two semiconductor material joined together with the required amount of impurity. These materials are N-type, having electrons are majority carrier and P-type material, having holes are majority carrier.

With proper biasing, PN diode allows current to flow in SINGLE DIRECTION.

A PN Junction Diode is one in all the only semiconductor devices around, and that has the characteristic of passing current solely|in just|in mere|in exactly|in precisely|in barely} one direction only.

pn junction diode

However, not like an electrical device, a diode doesn’t behave linearly with regard to the applied voltage because the diode has associate exponential current-voltage ( I-V ) relationship and thus we are able to not delineate its operation by merely victimisation associate equation like Ohm’s law.

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If an appropriate positive voltage (forward bias) is applied between the 2 ends of the PN junction, it will provide free electrons and holes with the additional energy they need to cross the junction because the breadth of the depletion layer round the PN junction is shriveled.

Construction & Working Of PN Junction Diode-

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