Planetary gear

From small gears to big planetary gears, all are entirely responsible for transmitting force in any mechanism. It will be nearly impossible to provide drive without their presence. Now featuring the planetary gear, they provide automotive transmission to every automobile. Focusing on the structure, it contains fix axis gear trains responsible for the speed reduction, acceleration, and torque in a smaller package.

As a fact, the planetary Gear Set is much better than the standard gears and pinion reducers. The speed of the planetary gear depends upon its mode of application. This system consists of four main parts including the sun gear, planet gear, ring gear and carrier

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Working of Planetary Gear

As soon as the ring gear is stationary, the sun gear comes in the rotational motion. At point A, the planet gear should have spin speed and point B the speed will be zero as the ring gear is stationary.

Actually, all these conditions are possible at one time because the planet gear will spin as well as turn. This spinning will produce the velocity as the interaction between the top and bottom points. On the other side, the turning produces a unit direction of velocity in the planetary Gear Set.

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At the top, both the spinning and turning velocities are in opposite direction, hence the velocity of point B is zero. And at the bottom, the velocities are added up. In fact, the planet gears are forced to turn in order to satisfy the condition of velocity. As the carrier is attached to the planet gear it will turn along with the planet gear.

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Now consider the case when sun gear of planetary Gear Set is stationary and the ring gear is rotating. Actually, the inner point of planet gear the velocity is zero and the outer point should have the speed of ring gear. In fact, the planet gear spins reverse in order to satisfy the speed conditions. This is different than the above case as the speed of point B will be higher than the point A. And it will make the planet gear to spin at very high speed thus the carrier will turn in higher speed.

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Reverse Mechanism of Planet Gear

Here, the planetary Gear Set does not turn and it just only spins in the opposite direction of the sun gear. In fact, the spinning planet gear will make the ring gear to rotate in the same direction. It means the direction of the rotation of the ring gear is opposite to the sun gear and we will get the reverse gear.




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