Why Are Optical Fibres Better Than Copper Wires For Signal Transmission?

  • Size, weight, and strength

Fibre optic cable is lighter and thinner than copper cable. Moreover, optic fibre is around 8 times stronger in terms of tension than copper wire and it can be used more efficiently in confined underground pipes. Also, its stiffness makes it less prone to any damage. Optic fibre is much lighter and thinner compared to the conventional copper cable.

  • Price

The fibre-optic cable requires less maintenance and less networking hardware. This makes it cheaper than copper over a long run.

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  • Durability

Fibre-optic cables are more durable than copper cables. Their core is made of glass, which is an insulator; therefore no electric current can flow through it. This allows the optical fibre cable to be laid along with industrial equipment without any worry. Moreover, the fibre is least affected by temperature fluctuations as compared to copper, so it can even be submerged in deep waters.

Fibre optic systems are most reliable and widely used by multinationals today.


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