Why Are Optical Fibres Better Than Copper Wires For Signal Transmission?

  • Greater efficiency

Optical fibre provides more bandwidth as compared to the copper wire. It can provide a speed of up to 10 GBPS or more, which is impossible to achieve using the conventional copper wire. Greater bandwidth means that optical fibre can carry more information with much greater efficiency than copper wire in the same amount of time.

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  • Long range transmission

In fibre-optics data travels in the form of light due to which very little signal is lost during the transmission and data can be transferred at a higher speed and up to large distances.

fibre optic cable

  • less interference

Fibre-optic cable is less prone to electromagnetic interference and noise than copper wire. For example, to cover a distance of two kilometers, the copper wire experiences a considerable amount of quality degradation whereas there is no such degradation of quality in fibre-optics.


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