Why Are Optical Fibres Better Than Copper Wires For Signal Transmission?

In a world where technology is at an ever-increasing pace, the need for lightning fast internet is not a choice anymore. It’s a must. Super-fast internet speed can save a lot of time and help you get information instantly. Over the years the way internet works have evolved many folds. Initially, the data was transferred through copper wires whereas today fibre optic cable is used for much faster speed and consistent performance.

fibre optic cable

This switch in the conducting material allows data transfer with minimal loss and at a very high speed. A research group of the Technical University of Denmark squeezed 43 terabits per second through a single optical fibre using only one transmitter. So the question arises here is that “How does an optical fibre works so efficiently?”

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To answer this let’s understand the working principle of fibre optics.

The fibre optics cable is a hair-like glass fibre that transmits light impulse by LED or Laser. It is a long tube which has glass coating on its inner surface and works on the phenomenon of ‘total internal reflection’. Hence, the data is transferred in the form of light.

The following properties make optical fibre a better choice over copper cables-


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