How is oil drilled, transported and converted into gasoline

Crude oil is the lifeline to every existing industry in today’s world. From two-wheelers, cars, trucks, trains, ships, aircraft, and industries run on petroleum and its other forms.The forms are gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and heating oil which comes from crude oil after the refining processes.


To face the increasing requirements, all the oil companies are working hard in oil extraction. The whole process includes drilling the ground where the oil is present and pumping the oil from the ground. After pumping the process follows transporting, refining and delivering it to the customers. Let have a brief look at the whole process.

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Oil Drilling

Before drilling the location of the oil field is very necessary. The Geologists locate the oil fields with the help of seismic surveys. Through these surveys, they verify the oil presence and post a budget to ensure the extraction is economical.

Process Of Oil Drilling-

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