Now, We don’t need to touch screen only gesture makes your work possible based on compact Radar Motion Sensor

We all are well aware of how our touchscreen devices work with taking our touch to command itself to work. But if we say now we don’t need touch too, only a small gesture is all sufficient to do your task. Google adapted this technology and tell us about how this will work

We can give only gesture or small motion as input to assist the devices by Radar based Motion sensor. Google and US government is trying to take command on radar-based motion sensor. This project is named Project Soli.

What is Radar based Motion Sensor?

This is a tiny radar system on a chip that can be used to detect hand gestures made above a device. This sensor takes hand gesture instead of touch as a communication tool. The Radar based motion sensor is working on the frequency signal band which is 57-64-GHz. The radar is integrated in a small chip having a size of 8mm to 10mm. This small chip has integrated with numerous antennas that operate 60 GHz of bandwidth. This chip is so small that it can easily fit in Phones, watch and other devices.

How does this Radar sensor chip work?

The Radar based Motion sensor works in all the three directions. This radar system mounted on a single chip. The radar system consists of a transmitted radio signal aimed by an antenna in a particular direction This  uses a beam which is in between of the frequency range to enable touchless control of functions or features, said David Shepardson in Reuters. The sensor Feedback is generated by a haptic sensation of fingers touching. This technology features control by hand gestures. Users press an invisible button between the thumb and index fingers, say, or a virtual dial that turns by rubbing a thumb against the index finger. Yet another action would be grabbing and pulling a virtual slider in thin air. Users with mobility or speech impairments could find this helpful.

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