Multiplexers and De-Multiplexers With Their Working And Applications

A multiplexer is a circuit that accepts many inputs from input lines and gives one collective output. A de-multiplexer works in the opposite way; it accepts the single input and gives out many outputs. Usually, both of these are used together as communication systems are bi-directional. multiplexers



Multiplexer means many into one. It is a circuit that selects and feeds several inputs into a single output. Single pole multi-position switch is an example of a multiplexer. A multiplexer manages two types of data – digital and analog. For the digital application, a multiplexer is built from standard logic gates and for analog application, it is built of relays and transistor switches.

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Types of multiplexers:

  • 2-to-1
  • 4-to-1
  • 8-to-1
  • 16-to-1

Working of a 4-to-1 Multiplexer-

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