What is Multi-plate Clutch -main parts, types and its working

Whenever you drive a car or ride a bike and you find less traffic, you often tend to speed up your vehicle. You shift the gear, press the accelerator and there you go. Ever wondered what makes your vehicle go fast? What mechanism is responsible for this? Well, a system called clutch system fitted in vehicles make them run at different speeds. It provides varying torque to the vehicles. Vehicles that require high power to perform their functions use such multi-plate clutch systems. Such type of clutches is used in case of racing cars like IndyCar, Formula1, World rally, etc. Do you know Drag racing? In the case of drag racing, you require high acceleration. These multi-plate clutches are the most perfect for getting high acceleration. So, these clutches are used mostly in such drag racing.

We can say that the multi-plate clutch is nothing but a single plate clutch which has a large of a number of metal plates as well as separator plates.As per the name, a multi-clutch has many clutch plates. The multi-plate clutch system is used in all the vehicles which require a high power. As this clutch system is very compact, it is often used in the scooters. A clutch does the work of engaging and disengaging the power of the engine to the gearbox.Let us come to the point and talk about the actual working of the multi-plate clutches.

A multi-plate clutch is a type of clutch that transmits more power from the engine to the transmission shaft of an automobile vehicle and also, makes up for the torque loss due to slippage. Heavy machinery, commercial vehicles, special purpose military vehicles, racing cars and bikes use this type of clutch. Scooters and motor-cycles use multi-plate clutches due to limited space in their gearboxes. Multiple clutches consist of more than three discs or plates so that it is able to provide more torque output.

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Construction of a Multi-Plate Clutch

A typical clutch consists of the following parts:
Clutch basket, Clutch hub or inner hub, Friction plates or drive plates, Steel plates or driven plates, pressure plates and clutch springs

Types of a Multi-plate clutch-

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