What is MRI machine? How Does It Work?

A magnetic resonance imaging aka MRI machine is used to perform MRI scan which is a radiology technique. It uses the magnetism and radio waves to produce the structure of the body. It is a tube which is surrounded by a big circular magnet.

The patent lies down on the bed which is moved into the magnet. The magnet generates a strong magnetic field due to which the protons of hydrogen atoms get aligned, and they are presented in the beam of radio waves. This makes some protons to spin in the body, generating fault signals which are received by a receiver portion of MRI scanner. Then, information is processed by the computer and the image is produced. The information produced by the MRI scanner is very precise and it can detect even a small change in the body structure.

mri machine

Uses Of MRI Scan-

MRI scan can be used to monitor a treatment or a diagnostic within the chest, abdomen and pelvis area.  It is an accurate method to detect abnormalities in the whole body and is often used when other testings fail in giving the right information in order to confirm patient’s diagnosis.

It enables the doctors to see the trauma in the brain such as swelling or bleeding, and also detect other abnormalities like brain aneurysms, stroke, tumors or inflammation of the spine.

Neurosurgeons often use the MRI scan to define integrity of the spinal cord apart from just defining the anatomy of the brain. It is also used to see the problems associated with the vertebrae or intervertebral discs of the spine. MRI scan provides a valuable information on the glands and other organs located in the abdomen region. Moreover, an accurate information about the soft tissues, joints structures, and bones is given. The surgery can be performed more accurately, through the accurate results of the MRI scan. An MRI scan does right evaluation of the heart and the aorta structure, where it can detect aneurysms or tears.

Working of MRI Machine-

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