Motorbikes- Types, Parts, Engines And Everything

  • When air is forced to flow through a tube as in Fig. There is pressure drop in the the tube as air flows (nozzle)
  • This pressure drop is countered by suction of water from the reservoir

The working of carburetor is similar to this above mechanism

  • Air flows through the carburetor is due to suction of  engine
  • And all other principles are same as above mechanism

Controlling the engine

  • The amount of power produced by a engine can be controlled by altering the amount of Air + Fuel mixture present in the cylinder .
  • The amount of fuel supplied to the engine is indirectly controlled by air velocity (mass flow rate)
  • The   amount of Air flowing is again controlled by a throttle valve or a   butterfly valve . This valve is controlled by accelerator pedal .
  • People actually say it as Gas Pedal ,But it just controls amount of Air entering the engine
  • A carburetor consists of various jets or holes to achieve different operation condition. Under heavy loads there will a secondary jet adding more fuel into the venturi.

Cons of carburetor
-The problem is that the carburetor cannot react quickly to a driving conditions. As the amount of fuel supplied is controlled  indirectly by creating vaccum ( this is not applicable to Diesel engines ,as they dont produce vaccum as they dont have throttle valves)
-Most time only air will rush inside the cylinder without carrying away the fuel with it.
-Stratification is not possible and multi jets are not possible
-Engines cant be turbocharged or super charged (complex but possible and inefficient)

Fuel injectors:-


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