Motorbikes- Types, Parts, Engines And Everything

CC (cubic centimeter)-

This is displacement or swept volume of  is the sum of volume swept by the piston while traveling from TDC to  BDC  of all cylinders.

What does CC or liter mean when describing the power of an engine?

The power represented by HP horsepower or PS (the German term) .This power is the power available at the crankshaft at any instant.

RPM revolution per minute of crankshaft,ie how fast the crankshaft rotates.

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Torque its is turning moment produced by the engine ie How hard the shaft is rotated.

What is the meaning of torque and power in a car in layman terms?

If you say a car has a particular torque at 3000 rpm and power at 4500rpm, what does it mean?

In car engines, what is better: 100bhp@1500cc or 100bhp@2500cc


Since there are many reciprocating parts and rotating parts lubrication is necessary.Oil is vital to the operation of your motorcycle and operates in three ways: reducing internal friction, cooling the components of the engine, and flushing the engines debris. Oil lubricates the moving parts in the engine, preventing metal parts from coming into direct contact with each other.

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Cooling of engines

A engine emits large quantity of heat , if not properly removed may lead to thermal strain on engine parts.Bikes are generally either Air or liquid cooled.In air cooling the engines have well defined projections called as fins. These fins are used to increase surface area of engine,there by increasing heat transfer.These air cooled engines depend on Natural convection and Forced convection.
Forced convection comes into play when the bike starts moving or by free flow of air stream (Wind)


Liquid cooled engines are the efficient method of removing heat from an engine, as its capacity is very high.These coolants maintain lower cylinder temperature than air cooling and their efficiency is stable. They use an engine lubricant moving in and around the walls of the cylinder, The cylinder and head have grooves to aid flow of coolant.


Most engine coolant are either simply water or water soluble oils. The hot coolant leaving the engine enters a radiator where they they reject the heat to atmosphere by convection and forced convection.
Electrical systems
There are many systems that require electrical energy,like spark plug,horn,lights,etcAll the power is taken is from  battery . the battery is being constantly charged by a alternator.
AIR Intake system
Air is required for combustion process , the air must be clean and available adequately . Air is drawn into to cylinder due to fall in pressure inside the cylinder during intake stroke.
The principle is simple just like the working of straw , In the image compare the mouth of boy to engines intake effort and replace water by air.

A air filter is used tho filter the air taken in during compression . Most of air filter of bikes and cars are produced

Position of air filter in bikes is shown below

Fuel systems-


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