Motorbikes- Types, Parts, Engines And Everything

Radial tires
From the name suggest here each layer of  tire known as Ply are placed radailly to contribute as various layers of a tire.Plys are plced along circumference of tire radially.
             This alignment gives reinforcement for tires  in the faces ,mostly  radial tires have weak side walls.Most radial tyres are reinforced with steel meshes.
          While taking a turn radial tires allow side walls to compress more ( as they are not reinforced) there by increasing the friction contact.

Cross ply tires
                   This type of tires were the  , the plies are arranged in direction parallel to axis of tire.These tires are pioneering types . Currently they are out fashioned and are used only is roads which are very rough and hard terrains where the side walls are to be reinforced.

Look at the image below , It will tough to identify a radial or cross ply tire by the outer appearance

The answer can be read by reading marks on tire Its called manufacturers code
-B stands for Cross ply or bias ply
-R stands for Radial type…

In recent trends tubeless tires are being used , this tire is simple that  the tire and tube are integrated together so that the tube does not blow off during a punctured like a balloon.

  • Tires are either treaded or non treaded (slick tyre ) based on use .The treaded tires are mostly used for wet or off road purpose.The treads are used to prevent hydroplaning while riding in wet conditions.
  • These grooves or treads are used to transfer water away from tire to prevent hydroplaning

Difference between a Scooter and a bike’

  • Most scooter use a automatic gearbox (CVT) with automatic clutch (centrifugal type).While bikes use manual gear box (Sequential type) and a manual clutch (wet or dry multiplate)
  • The suspension of scooters are tuned for comfort ,while for bikes they are performance.
  • Most bikes shock aborbers are adjustable , a person can adjust the ride comfort of rear absorber. for example FZ 2.0 comes with 7 step adjustable monoshock,using a puller wrench.Its rare to find such set ups in scooter .
  • Most scooters use rear suspension as a swing arm suspension with a monoschock.

Do It Yourself- Adjusting Monoshock Suspension Of Yamaha FZ-S V2.0

  • The wheel base of scooter(around 1250mm)  is smaller than motorcycle (around 1375) ,Also the tire diameter is around 10 inch for scooters and for motorcycles is around 18 inches (im not sure of this values hope some one can correct
  • Engine and transmission  is mounted on rear swing arm for scooters,while engine is mounted on main frame for bikes.

And finally i wanted to add something there is some thing callled high beam in a bike , plz dont use these lights while driving,unless required.This high beam will be irritating for most other users on road

This is represented by this symbol on the dashboard , plz identify and adjust to normal beam.


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