Motorbikes- Types, Parts, Engines And Everything

Two stroke motorbikes are old school and awesome, generate more power and are so much fun to ride eg. Yamaha Rx100,Rx135 also the indestructible Rajdoot…. But they’re banned now because they pollute more. So you’re stuck with 4 stroke.

Cubic capacity means the size of the engine, generally more cc’s means more power, a bigger bike profile and a more macho engine sound eg. Royal Enfield.
Remember cc and power are not linearly related, it depends on the engine manufacturer.


In Motorbikes there are Two major divisions in bikes based on commercial uses they are Motor Scooters and motor cycles-

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  • Motor scooters commonly used by ladies , and for person who want more comfort and to satisfy Human factors and ergonomics
  • Motorbikes are commonly by everyone they may use it for various reasons.

Engines In Motorbikes-


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