What Does Motor Oil Do To Automobile Engines? Why Does It Has To Be Changed?

We all know how crucial it is to get your vehicle serviced regularly and keeping it well maintained. Motor oil or what we know as an engine oil is an essential component of every automobile using an internal combustion engine. Before we understand the importance and role of motor oil in an automobile engine, we must first understand what exactly motor oil is.

Motor Oil

Motor oil basically consists of a base oil with some peculiar qualities. It is blended with certain additives which makes it acquire anti-rust, anti-corrosive, lubricating and heat bearing qualities. The main function of motor oil is engine protection from mechanical wear and tear. It basically acts as an agent which protects the engine from friction damage.

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We all know the amount of energy exchange that takes place in an internal combustion engine. No matter which fuel the automobile engine uses it will always have to make use of a suitable motor oil to reduce wear and tear due to friction. Another function of motor oil in automobile engines is to reduce, wash and clean the acid residue which the fuels leave in the engine. Organic compounds consisting of carbon and Polyalphaolefins or their mixtures based on the functional requirement of the motor oil are used to create it. Nowadays the base oil is generally made from petroleum oils.

When it comes to automobile engines, motor oil is that important element which needs due care and maintenance. In fact, for automobiles, motor oil is what blood is to humans. A slight disturbance in the motor oil quality or quantity in the engine and be catastrophic for the entire engine. Just to mention it, motor oil is also the first line of defense against engine overheating.

Role of Motor Oil in Automobile Engines:

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